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Martin is extremely proud of the ales he and his team keep at the pub. Kept in optimum condition for your enjoyment, he likes to keep a continually rotating stock of real ales so you'll be surprised and delighted by what will be waiting to tantalise your taste-buds. Monday is the Real Ale Club! Well worth a trip down to your friendly local as the real ales are only £3.00 a pint!

On Now


3.6% abv

The taste of Bald Gary is unique. Zing from the citrusy hops we use. Pow from its fuller flavour. Phwoar from the crisp finish that leaves you ready for more. It’s a refreshing, lighter blonde ale with a 3.6% abv.

Pale ales were the height of fashion in the Victorian era, they were seen in watering holes the length and breadth of the country and were liked by everyone. Unlike earlier darker beers, the delicious, clear and golden style of English Pale Ale is what people went mad for...

Nowadays there’s at least one generic continental fizzy lager on every bar and fridges are stocked with flavoured sugary alcopops...

So we have gone back to our roots and re-crafted the original English Pale Ale that we once couldn’t get enough of. It’s a pint of cold, hoppy, zesty goodness which will knock the socks of the fizzy generic stuff you’re used to drinking.

Don't take our word for it, go and try one, you'll see.

Now that's refreshingly different.
4.0% abv

This blonde lager-style cask beer, is brewed with a combination of English and Continental malts. Classic Czech and Slovenian hops give an authentic lager taste. Liska is Czech for fox!


Bude Summerleaze 4.7% abv

Otter Bitter 3.6% abv

Thwaites Wainwright Blonde 4.1% abv

St Austell Proper Job 4.5% abv


On Now

4.5% abv

Lawless Lager (4.5% IBU36) is our maverick brew follows the 500- year-old Bavarian brewing law to achieve traditional purity using only four ingredients.

We then added an idiosyncratic twist of our own, creating a blend of Pilgrim, El Dorado and Styrian Goldings hops. With Pilsner Malt, Wheat Malt, Caragold, lager yeast and our own mineral rich local water.

Coolly lagered for 40 days – oh, and we slipped in a dash of hops, whilst no one was looking – for a sharp, citrusy kick.

4.8% abv

Hog Island East Coast Pale Ale was conceived in Shepherd Neame’s pilot brewery earlier this year, and is part of the No.18 Yard Brewhouse collection, an experimental range of limited edition ales.

The American-style beer derives its name from an area of the brewery site that was previously a small island in the town’s creek, which has become landlocked over the years.

The brew eschews Shepherd Neame’s tradition for using Kentish hops, instead opting for American hops Boadicea, Amarillo and Cascade. These have been combined with pale ale and crystal malts to create a deep golden beer boasting citrus, pine and fruit aromas melded with light caramel notes and a robust bitterness.

Coming Next

Wychwood King Star 4.8% abv

Marston's Shipyard 4.5% abv

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